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Sunday February 14, 2016

Exciting events are happening at Claremont School of Theology
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How to Calculate Your Retirement Number
Savvy Living
Can you help me calculate about how much my wife and I need to save for retirement? We are both in out late-50s and want...
IRS Taxpayer Support in 2016
Washington News
Each year the IRS alerts taxpayers about potential tax problems and scams. Four of the 2016 “Dirty Dozen” scams were described in IRS letters this week. First, unscrupulous tax preparers may plan to file an inflated tax refund for you. IRS Commissioner John Koskinen stated, “Be wary of tax preparers that tout outlandish refunds based on federal benefits or tax credits you have never heard of or were not eligible to claim in the past.” Some tax scammers promise large refunds from “fictitious rebates, benefits or tax credits.” You can seek qualified tax...
Irrevocable Life Insurance Trust (ILIT)
Personal Planner
Susan and Steve had been talking to their tax attorney, Elizabeth, about plans for their family. Susan is very concerned...